Friday, September 11, 2009

Lots more to come

Hi folks,

Many apologies for the complete lack of posts for the last three weeks or so. The final presentations, closing ceremony, Maker Faire Africa and a lengthy trip back home to Ireland(and then to Italy!) restricted my blog postings.

IDDS was a fantastic experience for all involved though, and writing this blog has been a really big part of that for me! Thanks so much to you all for checking in now and again with the IDDS world.

This is not the end of IDDS however. We are currently updating the website and will be integrating the blog into the homepage of the site and providing you with regular updates as to whats going on in the world of IDDS. Project Grants, their development and dissemination, partnership grants and of course the hotly anticipated IDDS 2010 in Colorado are to come so please stay tuned!

Thanks again,

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