Sunday, August 9, 2009

Project Update 1 - Agricultral Processes

In the villages where we work, farming provides the main source of income and subsistence, and as such all of these projects were of direct relevance to our community partners. Seeing them transformed from problems to prototypes has been wonderful to see, and something the villagers could see the direct benefit in! Below I have uploaded snapshots of each of the teams posters, and you can click on each photo to enlarge the text and pictures. If you are having difficulty reading some of the posters, that's because they are written either in Twi or Mo, two languages which are spoken in different regions of the country. These, of course, are so our village partners can read about the prototypes too!

Shea Oil Extraction

Rice Threshing

Groundnut Threshing Team

Cassava Processing Team

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