Saturday, July 4, 2009

D Day (-4) - Bargaining and Birthdays

We had a pretty uneventful day today. Most people were focused on their individual tasks and as a result there wasn't too much interaction between us. Some of the IDDS organizers trekked into town to buy supplies for Build it modules and the Design Activity but the vast majority stayed behind in the hostel to concentrate on the more mundane aspects of the participants arrival in a day or two. From what I hear, Kumasi sounds like a pretty hectic place. Three of our organizers have travelled down to Accra this afternon by bus to collect the participants from the airport and I can only imagine how crazy Accra is going to be when we showcase our prototypes at the Maker Faire Africa in mid-August

Amit was not impressed with Miguel's attempts to wish him Happy Birthday

Looking for an ethernet wire? One second...

Traders sell their wares at small stalls throughout the city

The hustle and bustle of Kumasi

The pantry - our main source of sustenance over the next few weeks

Darkness sets on KNUST

Twi phrase of the day:
Baaku - One
Mie Nu - Two
Mie Sa - Three
Anan - Four
Anum - Five
Nsia - Six
Nson - Seven
Awotwe - Eight
Akron - Nine
Du - Ten


ASUPROF said...

Great Blog! Thanks for being so enthusiastic. Coincidentally, I am leading a group of 7 faculty and students to KNUST and surrounding villages on July 22, arriving at the KNUST campus on evening of July 23. I have been in some contact with Amy and Ben about how we can help. We will be there all day July 24 to do some last minute planning before visiting our village of Domeabra on the following three days. Please pass on our willingness to help out and feel free to email me at Thanks.

Mark Henderson, prof of engineering at Arizona State

Ian said...

Wow, I have discovered this by accident. I have to make it to your last two meetings. Brilliant!!!